Whiplash Survivor Story

Fun, Personal, January 31,2012

As promised….The trials and tribulations of my shoot with Amanda. An ILLUSTRATED whiplash survivor story. Get yo techno on right here!

Word up homies? I know this is ridiculously belated but I do hope everyone had a boozy, snoozy, cruisy Christmas & New Year! Is anybody still deluding themselves with resolutions?! I for one am not, can’t even remember what stupid estimations I made for myself, ohhh well, I’m sure the intention was somewhat genuine at the time…

As promised, here is the low down on my shoot with Amanda….Ah yes, I remember it well…the big day had arrived. The roles were reversed and I was set to feel the heat of the bright lights. Now I know that it appears as if I’m a highly experienced professional fashion model but believe it or not folks – I was a first timer. Aside from the heart palpitations and the initial wardrobe malfunction, I was pretty excited. The preparations began. I hit up hair and make up, five minutes later we were ready to set up. We taped a shiny sequenced backdrop to the wall, for a splash of glamour. We used two 580exii flash guns mounted on light stands for the desired effect, as well as some natural light shots. The camera used was the 5d mark ii with a 50mm 1.2 lens. The tunes were set to the optimum level of ‘window shattering max’.

After some test shots, we were then faced with the difficult task of somehow making me look less like an awkward idiot and more … effortlessly cool. I thought back to all the episodes of America’s Next Top Model I had watched and reminisced on the ‘wise’ tangents of Tyra, but surprisingly was not inspired. Then we thought, what better way to relax than with some head banging mosh pit style goodness? I beckoned the inner metaller in me & went hell for leather on it. More often than not I looked like I was riding a roller coaster at a bajillion miles an hour but some turned out pretty cool, even if I do say so myself! And yes, I am a whiplash survivor. All I can say is praise the Lord for deep heat – pain is beauty though ay?! Although, I am considering suing Amanda in Judge Judy’s court of law for head-banging under duress.

Amanda then took some moody looking tonal shots with flash & natural light… and after that I basically pranced around the room trying my best to not let my inhibitions get the better of me! The message here folks is…. we’re under no illusion as to how difficult it can be when there’s a massive photo takin’ machine all up in yo face… Everything suddenly feels about 13 degrees warmer and you seem to forget how to move your body even in a basic way. So, my advice is to start off by doing something ridiculous and exaggerated just to get those belly laughs a rollin’ and after that everything will seem easier… just have fun with it! Can’t be that hard can it?!

I’ve decided to illustrate the technicalities of each shot for those of you who may be interested… My drawing skills are pretty average but I think you’ll get the gist…




Okay that’s all for now Blogstalkers – I’m off to make some hypnotic sleep tapes which aim to induce fanatic blogging for you know who. Desperate times, desperate measures….

Next time….hear about Joanne + Chris’ wedding in Monaghan, huzzah!

K x

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  1. Lisa O'Dwyer January 31,2012

    Wow! Great post! You look like a pro Katie! Next time, I want to come over there and pose too :)
    Thanks for this behind-the-scenes post!

  2. Christina Brosnan January 31,2012

    I think I’m most impressed with your ability to do hair and makeup in 5 min! But really Katie you’re workin it in these photos!

  3. Aisling Sammon January 31,2012

    Ooohhhh Katie….get u!!!! Very impressed, looking good in all the photos!

  4. Katie Farrell February 01,2012

    Ahhaahaa thanks ladies! I’m working out my arm anyway that’s for sure!

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