There’s a good reason this site/blog hasn’t been updated in a long time.


Tincy + Martin Engagement

Engagements, November 28,2012

A lovely beach engagement in Dublin…

aoife enda1

Enda + Aoife

Weddings, July 19,2012

Enda + Aoife. A rainy day love affair at Ballymaloe House in Ireland.


Dun Laoghaire in Film

Fun, Personal, July 03,2012

Film is on the horizon!

0001 miral and suman cover

Suman + Miral, 3-Day Indian wedding

Weddings, July 02,2012

If you don’t like colour, out of order blog posts, or really, really (I mean reeaaaallly) nice people, then you might as well click off this page.


En Paris

Personal, June 07,2012

A Parisienne weekend getaway…

Joanne + Chris

Weddings, March 15,2012

Marathons, blogging, high-school loves, and mega head pieces.


Sugar-Browed Broad

Fun, misc., March 06,2012

Hundreds + Thousands (another one by Katie).

a week in the wilcher life

A week in the life of

misc., Personal, February 21,2012

Technically more than a week, but lets just keep with the story shall we? (Oh also, I broke ANOTHER iPhone so I’m compensating for the lack of until I get a replacement for next week’s.) This week I learned: How to properly drink tea (only at Betty’s of course). My hair is long. Bordering jeans […]