By | October 17, 2018

It is normal to ask about “How often should I feed my dog”. After all, it is important to know about the frequency of feeding your dog, as it is quite different than human meal patterns. Moreover, the type of food you will feed and the amount are also significant factors.

Points to consider on How Often should I feed My Dog

To help you about your dog’s feeding pattern, here are few points you should consider:

  1. To begin with, remember to prepare 2 cups of food for your dog each day. It is best to prefer protein-based food, as dogs could digest it far easier than glucose-based meals. On the other hand, look for “human grade” label if you’d opt for commercial dog food.
  2. Divide the 2 cups into 4 parts if you’re feeding a puppy which is zero to less than 3 months old. For 3 to 6 months, divide it by three, and give 1 full cup for each meal of 6 months and older.
  3. Feed dogs from zero to 3 months old four times in a day. It should have equal hours’ interval, like meals on every 4 hours. For 3 to 6 months, feed your dog every 6 hours which means thrice a day. Dogs more than 6 months only needs to eat twice a day, with the interval of around 12 hours.
  4. If your dog won’t eat a certain meal, leave the food for 15 minute. If he still won’t eat, feed him again on the next meal according to the pattern. Do not break the intervals to avoid confusing your dog.

These are just few points you should consider in knowing how should you feed your dog. Feel free to do further research, or visit your veterinarian for more info.