By | September 19, 2018

The music industry thrives on three areas: the fans, the labels, and the musicians. The fans are the clientele, the musicians are the ones who do the service, and the labels facilitate the musicians when they give their services. One great thing that a website called bandcamp does is to unite all these three, and hence it is no surprise that people opt for a bandcamp downloader app for their phones that makes interaction with these three possible. While it helps bring fans closer to artists and vice versa, it also has a unique labels section if you’re into the management aspect of the music industry. With that said, what are the services that bandcamp offers for labels?

Unified Stats and Accounting

Instead of doing the finances yourself, a good thing about Bandcamp is that through it, you are able to have a sales report exported either for all your artists, or for a specific artist. You can also search through catalog numbers, and all-in-all have a smoother bookkeeping experience. You can also check to see a clearer breakdown as to which artists sell more in a certain area. There is no switching between accounts that are needed. Release-Level payments are also some things they can sort out for you. All pertinent transactions for your business can be found in a single page, such as filters, merchandise, and the like making thing much easier for you.

Offer Customer Service and Management Help

The ones over at Bandcamp understand that it’s not easy to manage a record label, and they are willing to help them every step of the way, given that running one is an extremely complex type of work. If you are an artist who wishes to venture out into managing, then bandcamp can also assist you in your transition.