By | September 17, 2018

Watching videos of different sorts, like Music Videos, News, Information, or just random Video Blogs is an increasingly becoming common means in order for you to spend your free time. This is because of the entertainment that it brings, without spending too much time. While the internet, primarily, Youtube allows you to do such things, sometimes, internet isn’t available, and you would have to download videos through apps like tubemate apk in advance. If you are thinking about whether or not you should download a video, here are some of the best times when doing so would definitely come in handy.

Viewing Offline

There really will be instances which call for offline video viewing. The most common instance would be when you would be riding a plane, as you would have to turn off all WiFI and Mobile connectivity while on the air, and in places where there is no service readily available. In both cases, it would really be more practical on your part to download videos for viewing either on your laptop or whatever device it is you may want to download on.

Slow Internet Connectivity

In remote areas, faster internet connection remains a luxury, and there are several instances where it would be more practical to settle with a slower speed. In these cases, online streaming is not really a good idea, as you may have to sacrifice quality for continuous streaming, or you would have to let the video you’re playing get buffered every now and then which can be annoying on your part. For good quality videos, and at the same time, continuous viewing, the much better option would most definitely be to download the videos first, even if you would have to wait it out for a while.