By | August 26, 2018

Choosing the suitable patch for you is easy. For finding the suitable patch according to your need, first, you need to understand that what the difference between the patches is. There are different types of patches available in the market, and here in the post, we will take out some of the difference between embroidery and woven patch. For knowing about the other patches, you can go on the other sites. They will help you to know about the other patches. The Ultra Patches are used to cover the torn area of the cloth.


There is a large difference between embroidery and the woven patch. They look different, but the difference in both the patches are:

  • Appearances

There is the huge difference between both the patches. Embroider one is made with the thin thread and gives an original look, and the woven one is made with the thinner thread. The difference is the looks because the woven gives a finite look to the patch and embroider one goes to the original look which does not have the finite working.

  • Detailing

The woven patches give you the finite artwork. It will work very precisely with having small detailing. You can choose the woven patch for your working because of its finite working can choose the embroidered patch to take out the originality. You can pick any of the ones who can suit your needs and requirements.

  • Applying

The woven patches are versatile to use, and they can go outside and inside the clothes as compared to the embroider one.

To conclude, it is up to you that which one you want to pick and which will suit your needs and wants. You can make sure by using the Ultra patches for your working and then can choose the one which will suit to your need.