By | August 17, 2018

Now you are able to send out emails only to customers interested in your services. Behavioural targeting with the ip booter can help you track down users based on their behaviour on the internet and their interest in previous mailers sent out. This feature helps you cut down costs on sending emails to people uninterested in your services and gets you a higher click through rate. You can opt for ads with guaranteed clicks and take your campaign to a whole new level. This will ensure that you get quick results in a short time span.

Bulk Email Delivery

Super fast email delivery with no maintenance costs and easy to use, user friendly systems which provide outstanding results in a jiffy. ads helps save time, money and increase revenue all at the same time with simple and effective solutions. Now send out millions of emails with the click of a button and target potential customers based on your requirement.  Filter your customers or takeoff uninterested or opted-out customers to keep your mailing clean and spam free.

Manage Lists And Subscribers

Ads help you sort all your contacts, remove unwanted or wrong email ID’s, take off duplicate entries, maintain your subscriber lists and check the number of opt-outs all under one simple platform. You can choose to import email ID’s from excel sheets as well as simple text files. ads can effectively pull out all required information from sign up forms to help you automatically manage and update your email lists thus saving loads of time and money.

Social Media Integration

The best way to extend your client list is allowing users to share your emails on social media platforms. Social media integration helps you grow your email lists, connect with users and thus target a much larger audience.