By | August 1, 2018

Gaming PC’s are the most preferred method of gaming because a good gaming PC is forever whereas consoles can get obsolete very fast. The best option would be to build your own Gaming Pc because you can upgrade them with changing time and you can compile the enter setup according to your own needs and budget. Compared to a pre-built PC you will get a pretty good mid-level gaming PC under 800. There are still some points that you will need to keep in mind before setting it up yourself, especially if you are a first timer.


  • The most important thing is the motherboard and you should buy the latest one instead of going for an old one because the updated one will have more number of slots and the slots will be more updated so you will be able to upgrade in the future. Your motherboard should be able to support at least 16 GB RAM and at least 2 GB of graphics.
  • Storage is very important. Always go for an SSD and HDD than just an HDD. An SSD is 5 times faster than an HDD storage unit and at least 4 times costlier. The best option would be to go for a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. You can download your games and applications on your SSD so that they function fast and you can keep your obsolete data on your HDD.
  • The power supply is very efficient because you need to be energy efficient and a good power supply will keep your motherboard working fine.

  • Cooling is very important. Getting the right kind of pipes will help your components cool faster in the mid-range budget because you can’t afford water cooling with it. Air cooling is good enough and you can upgrade to water cooling later.