By | July 24, 2018

Windows 10 is the latest version of windows and it has many benefits. It is faster and reliable as compared to previous version of windows. New computer user wants to know how to take screenshot on your computer or laptop. There is a site name *Scuttlenet* that gives you detailed information of every technical question. It is a center of all tech related queries.

It has solutions for any error in your hardware. If anyone is interested in learning technical or IT then this is the best website. You can get almost any and every answer related to your windows. It can help you fix any errors on your own.  It has the latest guides. From easiest to hardest question, Scuttlenet has answer for everything. Scuttlenet is a great help for Students learning technology and programming. It has information in detail on how to how to capture screenshots with Snipping Tool.  It has many answers for formatting or programming your computer.

Any windows, internet or wifi problem can be fixed with the help of this site. How to fix Disk and CPU usage, how to change language in chrome, How to change background settings, how to play video using different forms, how to update windows, this site has answer for everything. We can fix different types of errors that come on our computer or laptop.  This site is very useful to use in schools and colleges for computer education. With advanced technology, it is very essential to know how to deal with any errors, try troubleshooting before calling IT person. This will save you money and also there will no fear of anyone damaging your computer or laptop. Scuttlenet is a one stop website for every issue. This site gives you step by step guide with images so you don’t end up clicking something incorrect.