By | July 9, 2018

The process of printing various designs on a piece of cloth is called fabric printing. There are a number of methods to get fabric printing done. The quality of the process you choose is what results in the final product. It depends on the printer drivers that are installed and this makes a huge difference in the final result.  

There are some fabric printing methods which are low on cost and quality. This results in one having colour flow out of the fabric and ruin the entire look. On the other hand, if fabric printing is conducted in the correct manner, this helps the colour to actually bond with the fabric and makes it permanent. If done correctly, you will not have colour flowing from the fabric and it will last long. Fabric printing can be performed on kind of fabric including cotton, woollen, nylon or silk. The ink used for various fabrics however may differ.

Modern methods allow you to print even on small pieces on cloth. One can get creative while using fabric painting and you can create any design you wish to wear. One can even dye a piece of cloth prior to printing on it. Once you have printed on a fabric you need to let it dry for a while. The printed fabric can then be washed and used. The quality of ink is also important in fabric printing. You need to choose good quality printers for fabric printing or else the colours will tend to fade after a few washes. This is not a good sign and can spoil the name of the printers. Textile industries are now getting fabric printers and allowing end users to choose and create their own fabrics. Everyone likes to experiment and put their ideas to test.