By | July 9, 2018

In a normal scenario if your mobile phone falls in water and stops working you can take it to a store to get repaired. However the cost of repairing a water damaged phone is a lot. It makes a lot of sense to purchase a new phone as it more or less comes to the same cost. When it comes to a mobile phone covered by Data Recovery Software there is no need to worry about the cost of repairs. The cost is covered by the data recovery software irrespective of the situation.

In scenarios where your mobile phone is lost or stolen all you want is for no one to access your contacts or your data. If you do not have a lock code on your phone it would be the worst possible scenario. In such a case if you have data recovery software you can remotely wipe off all data from your mobile phone. You can also remotely lock your phone so that no one else can use it and you can also track your mobile phone so that you can recover it quickly. In the scenario that you are unable to track the mobile phone the data recovery software entitles you to a new mobile phone without you needing to spend any money.

You should also opt for  a data recovery software that has its own cloud servers. This means that when you sign up for their data recovery software policy you will get the option of uploading all your critical data and software set up files to their cloud servers. Not only is this a secure way of storing data it is also a reliable way of retrieving your data from any other laptop. One of the things that you should do is keep your laptop protected from virus attacks and other trojan attacks. The perfect data recovery software policy should cover you from all angles and protect your hardware as well as your software present on your laptop. This will give you complete peace of mind.