By | June 29, 2018

Instagram is one of the most popular applications available on Android phones today. Once you are on instagram it is necessary to send follow request to your family and friends in order to keep tabs and view their posts and profile pictures. How to see private instagram accounts without following a person are questions everyone looks for a solution on the internet today. Everyone first needs to sign up and create a profile on instagram. Then just like a social networking applications they need to start adding their friends and family in order to connect to them by clicking the follow tab.

Once the person’s follow request is accepted by the other, only then they can view their posts and pictures that are uploaded on instagram. But this function is only applicable if a person has kept their account private. There are still many profiles on instagram that are not private and anyone can view their pictures and posts. So even if there are people who don’t know them and are not their followers would still be able to view everything on their profile.

However, this is not always recommended and there are many warnings on the internet today to always keep your profile private and this way you have the ability to control and ensure full privacy and safety of the content that you publish on instagram. So if you have an ex-girl friend or a crush, you will always be in a dilemma on how to view their pictures and post on instagram without following them. All you need to roll up0 your sleeves and start searching for the solution on the internet today. There would be thousand of websites claiming to assist you, but you need to find the correct and legit website which will actually help you.