By | June 5, 2018

The need for VPN servers has considerable grown within the past few years for all sorts of reasons. One of which is to prevent specific websites from tracking a user’s online activities; everyone prefers what’s private to stay private. Because of the news and articles that surfaced before, it’s quite obvious that websites do track personal information and store it in their database, they act like information sponges. As a user, how much of your privacy do you have to give up in order to shop freely online or do other activities? Regardless if you did manage to clear the history and cookies on the device, the activities have already been saved.

Vypr VPN Review

Quality VPN services are hard to find, due to the sheer number of below average services available, but VyprVPN is different. Based in Switzerland but owned in the US, they take pride in their strong encryption, worldwide server network and software with full features. Vypr VPN is famous for claiming to offer the quickest VPN service around, apart from that their software also has a handful of other features. Customers that availed the premium package offers top technology like Vypr DNS and Chameleon which can’t be availed anywhere else. Below are just some of their numerous features:

  • Over 70 locations
  • Exclusive access to Chameleon
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Numerous protocols and high-end encryption
  • Limitless server switching

  • Application that’s compatible with the majority of devices
  • No download or restriction caps
  • Server network worldwide

Vypr VPN takes care of throttling, once successfully connected to the VyprVPN the ISP will only view the encrypted traffic; this results to unrestricted and quicker internet speed. Unlike their numerous competitors, VyprVPN owns and manages the VPN servers so they’re confident in delivering more secure and faster connections. If you’re someone in search of VPN service for daily usage then VyprVPN is definitely for you.