By | May 25, 2018

A computer mouse is an input device which controls the computer with the help of the cursor. For the entire desktop computer, you can place the mouse on a flat surface for proper functioning. Xiaomi mouse has two buttons and a wheel which will help to control the computer properly.

Functions of Mouse

We have mentioned some of the factors which are played by the computer mouse.  With the help of a mouse, the user can easily handle all working of the computer. We are going to list some of the factors about the computer mouse.

  • Selection:

when you want to select any line or word, you can use a mouse. You have to drag the mouse on that place, and all the data will be selected.


  • Drag and drop:

the mouse can easily drag the product and shift it to another place. This is highlight feature which is provided by the Xiaomi mouse.

  • Move the cursor:

the main function of the mouse is to move the cursor which will help you to complete the work efficiently.

  • Scroll:

when you are surfing anything on the internet, and you want to scroll down the page. You have the slide the wheel of the mouse and page will scroll down. This function provides the user with great convenience.

  • Perform other function:

there are some other functions which are performed by the mouse. When you are working with the help of a mouse, your work will be completed before time.

  • Hover:

when you are moving the mouse in any place, you can get additional hover information. This will help you to find what the use of this object is.

These are some of the functions which are played by a computer mouse. You can effortlessly complete all the deadlines with the help of this product.